inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory 3.5

Professional inventory management and reporting software for businesses

inFlow Inventory is one of those programs that people who shop a lot, manage a warehouse or simply adhere to a strict code of housekeeping will find invaluable. It's a tool for inventory management capable of keeping track of all purchases, replacements, transfers and other operations with movable property.

The interface of inFlow Inventory is pretty straightforward, providing access to listed data and the fields which you can fill to create a detailed database of your inventory. Aside from naming the entry, you can add pictures, prices, and categories. The program also supports barcode scanning devices, immediately adding barcode numbers to entries after scanning the appropriate purchases.

The settings of described parameters of items in the inventory are abundant, with options to change units of measurement, dimensions, manufacturer's name, order history, generate and edit count sheets, keep track of purchasing and editing history, track item movement and transfers, breakdown of composite products into components as separate entries and vice versa, serial number tracking, etc.

inFlow Inventory provides the full info on inventory and its contents, including reports, pricing, workflow charts, generated invoices and much more. It is a universal tool for keeping material affairs in order.

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